was founded by public health professionals working in Sub-Saharan Africa and this after realizing that a lot is known from health research, but yet very little research results are translated into practices that improve the wellbeing of the populations in this part of the world.

Viewing this know-do-gap in health research as a critical impediment to the value of research and the development of local communities, these professionals created R4D International with the vision to facilitate translation of research results into practices in developing countries.

R4D International has its head office in Yaounde (Cameroon-West Africa) and is registered in Cameroon under the Law No 90/053 of 19th December 1990, relating to freedom of association in this country.

Our vision : To close the know-do-gap in health and development by linking the research community with the health and community systems in order to facilitate translation of research results into practices that improve the development of the communities in resource limited settings.

Our mission : To support development institutions in developing countries to translate research into policy and policy into practices that improved the living conditions of the populations and most specifically the grass root dwellers and this through advocacy and implementation of evidence-based practices.

Our core strategy : To advocate for implementation of evidence-based practices that are safe, affordable, accessible, feasible and acceptable in resource limited settings.

R4D International is a non- for- profit development organization operating for the general public interest. It is apolitical and having no nationality, ethnic or religious orientation.